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Some of our items are on our temporary site at woodenhawk.us. You may use it to order if the items are there. Once everything is transferred we will take down this site and replace it with the one on woodenhawk.us.

Here is the latest and greatest on the web site. It no longer works. Period. The company that created the software refuses to support it without another purchase. So, you need to be on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to see the catalog. If you are on Internet Explorer, well, just call me. If you are on Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome then look through the catalog and make a list of what you want. Send me an email of your list (don't forget to include your address) and I will send you back a total including shipping and also send you a paypal request for payment. If you want the products, then pay; and no, you do not need a paypal account to pay. If you don't want the products, please let me know and I will cancel the order and money request. I am working on a new site but it will be a short while before I get it done. I apologize for the inconvenience. In the meantime, you are still more than welcome to email me or call me and ask about any product, or if we carry something that isn't on this website. Chances are I have it or I can get it. Besides, I love to talk.....

I went to my first rendezvous in 1975. When I moved to Texas I joined the T.A.B., a Buckskinning club. In order to support this hobby of mine I started selling trade goods that I could manufacture. I enjoyed the trading as much as the rest of the rendezvous and now rendezvous with eleven different clubs in Texas and several clubs in other states. I became a full time trader in 1983.

I carry mountain man trade goods and indian artifacts and replicas. This includes several colors of buckskin leather, split elk hides, brain tanned buckskin, canvas and canvas products, knives, powder horns and horn items, jewelry and findings, and other items for do-it-yourself projects.

In addition to rendezvous trading, I mail orders world-wide.

  I have had to delete the COD shipping option. Blame it on jerks who order COD 3 day select and then refuse the order. You may pay by paypal or with a credit card.  Credit cards are processed by paypal without creating a paypal account. Just click on the picture of credit cards and find the "continue" to finish without creating a paypal account. Or you may always call us with your order and credit card number.

Please call for information on our wholesale prices.

Note: Persuant to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, Public Law 101.644 no items on this website are made by Native Americans or Indians.


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